Meet Our Speakers

JD Schramm.webp

JD Schramm

Keynote speaker, lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University

Tim Ranzetta.jpg

Tim Ranzetta

Co-founder of Next Gen Personal Finance

_Ravina Anand.jpg

Ravina Anand

Co-founder and COO at FLIK

Angelica Imhoede.jpeg

Angelica Imhoede

Creator of Financial Lioness author of Investing for the Everyday Investor

Stephanie Nuesi.jpeg

Stephanie Nuesi

Founder and CEO at Max Up, finance intern at Google

Nadya Okamoto.webp

Nadya Okamoto

Founder of Period Movement, Author of Period Power, Harvard '21

Taylor Adams.jpg

Taylor Adams

Co-founder of Women's Investment Network & JTAdams

Sophia Clark.jpeg

Sophia Clark

Student at Vanderbilt University & Strategist at MoneyGirls

Kerry McDonald.jpg

Kerry McDonald

Senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education

_Dr. Art Carden.jpg

Dr. Art Carden

Associate professor of economics at Samford University

Arnaldo Maldonado.jpeg

Arnaldo Maldonado

Professor of finance and certified financial education instructor

Beth Mulholland.jpg

Beth Mulholland

Real estate agent and investor

Raymond Tam.jpeg

Raymond Tam

Marketing analyst at Bumper

Ziad Ahmed.jpg

Ziad Ahmed

CEO and co-founder at JUV consulting, Yale ‘21

Sean Malone.jpg

Sean Malone

Creative and media director at the Foundation for Economic Education

Naomi Porter.JPG

Naomi Porter

Serial entrepreneur, education reform advocate, founder of EntrepreYOUership

Dan Sheeks.jpg

Dan Sheeks

High school business teacher, real estate investor, author of “First to a Million”

TK Coleman.jpg

T.K. Coleman

Director of Entrepreneurial Education at the Foundation for Economic Education, co-founder at Praxis

Orina Chang.jpeg

Orina Chang

Alternative Investments Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, International Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley

Dr. Antony Davies.jpeg

Dr. Antony Davies

Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University

Harrison Martindale.jpeg

Harrison Martindale

Leader of Educational Content Creation at Bumper