Empowering youth in developing the knowledge and skills to approach their financial futures with confidence


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What we do to empower youth so they can approach their financial futures with confidence

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Financial, economic, & entrepreneurship education camps

EmpowerEcon's three-day camps cover topics such as student loans, real estate investing, income streams, and financial accounts. Each day is centred around a different theme and is supplemented by guest speakers, simulations, and fun activities.

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Finance Fridays

Check out the EmpowerEcon Instagram page every Friday to learn about new concepts in finance or economics! Our weekly Instagram posts delve into topics like the market system, production possibilities curve, responsible credit card use, financial psychology, and more! 

EmpowerEcon creates educational resources for teens, made by teens. This includes a curriculum covering everything from taxes to investing, as well as worksheets and financial goal-setting sheets that help you test, solidify, and apply your knowledge.

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Educational resources

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An organization empowering youth in developing the knowledge and skills to approach their financial futures with confidence.

25 core members across 15 time zones in areas such as marketing, curriculum design, mentorship, as well as 100 ambassadors to promote virtual financial education camps. 


“EmpowerEcon hosts three-day financial education and entrepreneurship camps covering topics like budgeting, taxes, student loans, has had over 23 guest speakers such as JD Schramm, Tim Ranzetta, Nadya Okamoto, and Ziad Ahmed, and continues to expand its educational offerings”



Ambassadors and 25 team members



Participants from 36 countries across 5 continents

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Brylle Gonzalez

Graphic Designer

Brylle is currently taking an accelerated medical program from the University of the Philippines Manila and aims to become an orthopedic doctor. As part of the EmpowerEcon team, he creates the graphics on EmpowerEcon's social media page!

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Armita Hosseini

Founder & Executive Director

A high school student from Toronto, Canada, Armita is interested in finance, economics, and political science. In 2020, she published the book Roadmap to Financial Literacy and later founded EmpowerEcon to create on-going learning opportunities for teens.

Bianca Ashar - social media and marketing co-director.HEIC

Bianca Ashar

Social Media and Marketing Co-director

Bianca is currently a high school student from Chandler, Arizona. Aside from finance, she is passionate about ballet, volunteering, and increasing STEM education within her community. She hopes to pursue a career at the intersection of arts and finance.

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Leah Suggs

Curriculum Design Director

Leah is a high school student from Virginia. Her interests range from economics, public health, woman empowerment, to human rights, and she hopes to become both a dermatologist and a writer. Leah leads content creation for EmpowerEcon’s various camps.

Shauriya Sharma - curriculum designer and mentor .jpeg

Shauriya Sharma

Curriculum Designer and Mentor

Shauriya is a high school IB student from Toronto, Canada and has a passion for teaching and financial literacy. As part of the EmpowerEcon team, he helps to prepare educational materials and presents them at the financial literacy camps.

Toe Pyae Naing - mentorship director.jpg

Toe Pyae Naing

Mentorship Director

Toe Pyae is a high school student from Yangon, Myanmar. They are interested in global politics, economics, finance and gender studies. Driven by their passion to learn and help others, they have joined the EmpowerEcon.

Ailey Kinsella - curriculum designer and mentor .jpg

Ailey Kinsella

Curriculum Designer and Mentor

Ailey is a rising freshman from Chicago and is passionate about finance, education, and political science. At EmpowerEcon, she has pursued her passion of financial literacy by creating content for and teaching students from across the world.

Mercedes Le - graphic designer .JPG

Mercedes Le

Graphic Designer

Mercedes is a student from Los Angeles, California, and is an EmpowerEcon graphic designer, who creates backgrounds for events and assists with Instagram graphics. Wanting to further her understanding of economics, she first joined EmpowerEcon as an ambassador, hoping to spread knowledge to others.

Ananya Thakur - Marketing director .jpg

Ananya Thakur

Marketing Director

Ananya is a high school junior based in the UAE. Apart from marketing for EmpowerEcon, she runs a newsletter, writes poetry and works with other nonprofits! She is passionate about the core mission of improving the financial literacy of youth.

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"Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was truly life changing and I learned so much that I couldn't have known otherwise. I am eternally grateful."

Winter 2020 Camp Participant

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